MAGISTRATE FINDS SYNTHETIC CASE WEAK IN BATON ROUGE, FEDS SEE OKLAHOMA INDICTMENT A man who admittedly made a lot of money on synthetic marijuana, but who says it was legal for a while, secured a bail reduction when the magistrate found a weak case. 7/22. 

ANGOLA WARDEN SAYS 45 YEARS IN SOLITARY COULD END IF INMATE IS MORAL – Northwestern University students interviewed Burl Cain and found that solitary confinement for a former Black Panther might be under review. 7/22

San Jose Mercury News reports that a homeless man was wrongfully accused in a 2012 homicide because trace DNA from the scene had been transferred from medical providers who treated the defendant and then responded to the murder scene. The case is reported as one of the first to clearly prove that the reliability of DNA is largely dependant upon proper evidence handling. DNA is now traced from such small samples that even casual transfer DNA can be found and tested. And transfer can happen in most forms of contact between people and things.